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Joseph Michelli

Joseph Michelli Explains the Amazing Success of Airbnb

Joseph Michelli has published best-selling books exploring the “customer experience” principles and practice of some of the world’s major companies, including Starbucks, The Ritz-Carlton Company and Mercedes-Benz. Now he has added to this prestigious list by reporting on the success of a phenomenal hospitality company, Airbnb.

Watch this lively interview (at the top of this post) featuring Michelli’s guest appearance on my weekly “Biz Communication Show.”

I recommend you share this interview with your corporate team–and schedule time for discussion, assessing how you can apply Airbnb’s formula to your customer service.

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Joseph Michelli Describes Extraordinary Customer Experiences

You want to create extraordinary customer experiences–and that’s why you want to hear widely acclaimed author/speaker/business consultant Dr. Joseph Michelli in this lively interview, presented in the video above.

Michelli has written bestsellers about the Pike Place Fish Market, Mercedes-Benz, Starbucks, Zappos, and other leading corporations, after extensive research.

Recommendation: Show this video in a staff meeting, and then discuss how your company can improve customer service by applying Michelli’s approach.

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