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Tim Patterson: How to Excel During Your Trade Show Exhibit

Now and then you’ll get an opportunity to set up a display and host it at a trade show. To help you excel when you do that, I interviewed “The TradeshowGuy,” Tim Patterson of Salem, Oregon. Having written two books about trade shows, along with several e-books, Tim has gained wide recognition as a tradeshow advisor.

You’ll benefit from his recommendations, given in my conversation with him this week.

Watch our information-packed interview above.

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The Right Coach Will Change You

This brief video opens with my reaction to Marvin’s complaint about a golf coach. In replying, I mention two coaches who have challenged me, encouraged me, and taught me.


Maybe you have been fortunate enough to find the coach who meets your needs, as I have. That’s great!

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Communication Lesson I Learned Walking Across College Campus

Did you learn any communication lessons outside the college classroom that you have been able to apply to your business and professional life?

I did, and I describe the memorable incident in my brief video above. Watch now!

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Lively Discussion About Managing, Speaking and Listening

Tim Patterson–known at the TradeshowGuy–interviewed me, the Biz Communication Guy, on his “Monday Morning Coffee Podcast,” which he hosts weekly.

You’ll benefit from hearing our lively discussion about management, speaking, and listening.

Plus, a humorous bonus: during the first three minutes you’ll get a few chuckles as Tim talks about highly unusual laws that remain on the books in some states.

Now, here’s the interview:


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Lori Geary: A Crisis Communication Plan for Your Company

After more than twenty years as an award winning reporter and anchor–including CNN Headline News and WSB-TV Atlanta–Lori Geary formed her own media training company. Lori Geary Media helps clients with Video Production, Media Training, Media Consulting, and Crisis Communications.

As you’ll see in the video at the top of this post, I hosted Lori on my weekly “Biz Communication Show.” You’ll want to hear her advice in this interview, giving guidelines and strategies for companies who get thrust into the public eye in an unfavorable way–and must face the media to explore the problem and announce satisfactory solutions.

Watch the video now, to hear Lori’s recommendations about crisis communication, including:

–saying “no comment”
–off the record
–ambush interviews
–role of the CEO during a public crisis
–getting your team ready to answer challenging questions
–why companies of all sizes need a crisis communication plan

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John Ray: Raise Prices/Fees and Profits Too

John Ray–owner of Ray Business Advisors in Alpharetta, Georgia in the Atlanta area–has helped hundreds of clients learn how to raise their prices or fees by clarifying the value of their services or products. He advocates: “Best pricing strategies for higher profits.”

You will re-think your own pricing strategies as you listen to this stimulating interview in the video above.

Possibly fear has kept you from increasing your fees. John gives us a new perspective which reduces our fear.

At the end of the interview, John mentions his Web site:

You’ll want to explore his site for additional advice and resources.

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You Can Have Customers Saying WOW About Your Business

You would love to have customers say WOW! about your business–and even about your life. So listen to my interview above with effervescent Jessica Peterson, and you’ll have a strong start toward generating that reaction.

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Even Elvis Didn’t Have a Hit With Every Song

I recorded this brief video on Monday, when most of us think about our goals.

Note that if the vastly talented Elvis didn’t have a hit with every song, then we need to become very realistic about our goals.

As I advise, even when we don’t reach coveted goals, we need to talk to ourselves positively and supportively.

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How You Can Benefit from Accent Reduction

When you talk with someone or give a presentation, you want listeners to concentrate primarily on your content, without being distracted by your regional or international accent.

So I invite you to hear my interview–displayed above–with Deborah Boswell in her guest appearance on my “Biz Communication Show.”

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Leaders Who Repeat Messages Get More Done

Sometimes leaders think that repeating a message frequently will generate boredom. Yet in this sparkling interview, Gayle Ely explains why repetition does not equal overkill.

RECOMMENDATION: Watch this video with your colleagues, and then encourage each participant to give examples of how hearing the same message over and over–especially instructions–brought clarity and prompted action that would not have been taken otherwise.

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