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Every Day Can Be International Compliment Day

When you watch the above video, you’ll hear me say at the outset that almost every day on the calendar is a national “something or other” day.

Then I tell why every day can be International Compliment Day.

Use my tips on how and when to give compliments–and watch your professional and personal interactions improve dramatically!

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Mike Stewart: Technology Skills Entrepreneurs Need

Veteran Internet expert Mike Stewart recommends strong “content creation.”

Since 1997, Mike Stewart of Stewart Internet Solutions has strengthened my business as my mentor/coach. Additionally he has helped hundreds of other clients who want to make maximum use of the Internet.

So I was delighted when Mike appeared as a guest on the “Biz Communication Show,” which I host weekly.

Watch this interview–posted above–and take careful notes on Mike’s advice to entrepreneurs. You’ll benefit right away.


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