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Take Control of the Problems That Have Been
Controlling Your Company!

  1. Train corporate leaders to speak confidently, clearly, and convincingly.
  2. Boost teamwork by explaining diverse communication styles
  3. Get creative ideas from employees during confidential interviews
  4. Prepare leaders to become the ideal Radio/TV guest
    One of my guest appearances on Business RadioX


    Speech Coaching client Jennifer Warawa, Sage executive


  5. Help you work with the media during a public crisis
  6. Provide voice talent for your audio/video productions
  7. Teach your customer service people “noncommittal listening”
  8. Replace customer service “taboo words” with “terrific words”
  9. Show your sales force how to send a dynamic, compelling follow up
  10. Change sales talk from losing language to winning words
  11.  Give you ways to network effectively for prominence and profit
  12. Show managers how to give unmistakably clear instructions