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ole miss defeats notre dame

Making of Champions


How many millions of people are talking about the incredibly exciting NCAA championship football game on January 9, with Clemson defeating Alabama with one second to go? Amazing performances by both teams!

The next morning, William Day–a former Ole Miss player–wrote a terrific description of what it takes to reach championship level play. He gave me permission to reprint his thoughts. I invite you to read them now:


Imagine applying the same level of goal-setting, determination, and discipline to your business. As you read biographies of the most successful business leaders, you know they do exactly that. As William Day said, there are no trophies for merely participating.

Remember William Day’s guidelines for becoming a champion. Yes, they work in sports, business-and life!

And yes, you see William Day in action above, tackling a Notre Dame player in a game that became one of Ole Miss’ greatest victories.


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