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Biz Communication Show

Theo Gilbert-Jamison: Principles of Service Excellence

Theo Gilbert-Jamison–former Vice President for Training and Organizational Development at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company–made a guest appearance on my “Biz Communication Show” recently. Note that following her Ritz-Carlton leadership role, she has become an acclaimed author, speaker, and business consultant.

In this highly energetic interview–in the video above–Theo explains some of her principles of customer service. You’ll make great strides toward improving your customer service when you apply her recommendations.

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You Can Have Customers Saying WOW About Your Business

You would love to have customers say WOW! about your business–and even about your life. So listen to my interview above with effervescent Jessica Peterson, and you’ll have a strong start toward generating that reaction.

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How You Can Benefit from Accent Reduction

When you talk with someone or give a presentation, you want listeners to concentrate primarily on your content, without being distracted by your regional or international accent.

So I invite you to hear my interview–displayed above–with Deborah Boswell in her guest appearance on my “Biz Communication Show.”

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You Tube Expert Attracts 200,000 Subscribers

Dusty Porter–also known, justifiably so, as “Technology Guru–has become such a You Tube expert that he has attracted 200,000 subscribers. In the last ten months, he has been adding an average of 5,000 subscribers monthly!

Clearly, Dusty has mastered You Tube. So I invited him to appear as my guest on the “Biz Communication Show,” which I host weekly as a video production and podcast.

You will want to hear Dusty talk about You Tube–and also discuss his additional technology ventures as a voice over artist and wedding videographer.

Here’s the interview.

Jot down Dusty’s recommendations as you hear them.

As he recommends, get started producing You Tube videos, if you haven’t done that yet. Put aside your shyness. Don’t strive for perfection. Just practice before your camera and microphone. . .and then record your first one!

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